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Sober Since 02/09/2019

Chelsea Langley

Meet Chelsea, and here is her story:

“My name is Chelsea, I’m 34 years old, originally from Mississippi, and on 02/09/19 I gave up alcohol for good.

My childhood was inconsistent, we moved quite a bit. My father provided a great life for us. Yet while my father was away on business, his wife, my mother, told me I was my fathers child and that she wished she had an abortion.

She verbally, mentally, and physically abused me up until the state took me into custody at 15 due to injuries. I was fortunate to travel abroad with my father during his business trips but it also was the beginning of the end as I knew it.

I started drinking liquor immediately as a first time drinker. I thought it made me appear more mature and in control. There was multiple arrests, psyche facilities, outpatient rehabs, a failed marriage.

After the temporary loss of custody of my daughter, Nia, I finally got sick enough of myself and surrendered. Today I am coming up on 3 years, 9 months sober.

I rely on my support system of close friends and family, I ask for help now. I stay connected on various social media platforms with others across the world in recovery. I do everything I can to be of service to others to remind myself why I started down this path.

Recovery is possible. I didn’t know I was capable of living a life without alcohol, and I promise you if I am, you are too.”

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