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Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Top-Rated Drug Addiction Treatment Center for Teens in the Conejo Valley

Clean Treatment Center for Adolescents is the leading option for drug and alcohol addiction treatments for teenagers in the Conejo Valley. Our facility caters to both male and female individuals between the ages of 13 and 18.

With our team of certified and licensed professionals, we deliver compassionate and dedicated care to all our clients. 

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Why Clean Treatment Center is the Best
Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Teens?

Clean Treatment Center stands as a premier treatment facility for teenage individuals in Conejo Valley who are seeking drug addiction recovery. Our specialized treatment plans are meticulously crafted with the specific needs of teens in mind. Our center fosters long-term recovery for young adults, allowing them to forge connections with others while learning to make healthier life choices. Our holistic approach addresses the harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

At Clean Treatment Center, we prioritize the growth of our clients, striving to illuminate their inherent strengths by identifying their passions and interests. We equip young adults with invaluable skills to expect, anticipate, accept, and effectively cope with a wide range of emotions they may encounter. Through tailored strategies tailored to the unique requirements of teens, we empower them with lifelong coping mechanisms that will serve them well beyond their time at our center.

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Signs of Teen Drug Addiction

Recognizing the indicators of addiction is crucial when determining if your child requires drug rehabilitation. Here are several signs that may suggest teen drug addiction:

  • Changing social circles, replacing old friends with a new group.

  • Mood swings that are inconsistent and unpredictable.

  • Noticeable changes in appearance or behavior.

  • Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities and sports.

  • Engaging in rule-breaking behavior.

  • Increased sleep duration.

  • Displaying new physical manifestations such as frequent nosebleeds, watery or bloodshot eyes, sudden weight loss, and trembling or shaking.

These signs may be indicative of your child's misuse of medications, alcohol consumption, or illicit drug use. Being aware of the signs and symptoms of substance abuse in teenagers beforehand will assist you in determining when it is necessary to seek professional intervention.

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Contact Our Admission Office Today

Give Clean Treatment Center for Adolescents a call today. Our treatment plans can last up to 90 days depending on the client's needs. Our teen treatment center is located in the beautiful Conejo Valley heart of Westlake Village. We’re here to help our clients get on the road to recovery and learn how to make healthy choices for the rest of their life.

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