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Welcome to Clean: 
ELEVATED Addiction Care

Are you or someone you care about grappling with the challenges of drug and alcohol addiction?

Our program is as unique as you are, led by licensed therapists, drug and alcohol specialists, and a supportive community. We're dedicated to helping you break free from addiction and achieve personal growth. Our approach covers mind, body, and spirit, offering individual counseling, group therapy, family involvement, self-esteem building, and relapse prevention.

 Take the first step towards a fulfilling life at Clean Treatment Center in Westlake Village.  

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Discover Our Remarkable Success Rate: Over 99% Program Completion

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Personalized Treatment


Family in Recovery Focus

Our Program

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Highest Level of Care
Full Time

Level 3 is a structured substance abuse treatment program. Approximately 0-30 Days: In this initial phase, we work to set a solid foundation for our clients that they are able to build upon as they progress through our program.

Group therapy

Mid Point

Level 2 primarily consists of group therapy, along with individual counseling. Approximately 31-60 Days: In this phase, we begin to hold clients to a higher standard. They are increasing their involvement in school, work, and family commitments outside of their treatment.

Therapy Session

Lowest Level of Care
Part Time

Level 1 is our lowest level of care, you are looking at approximately 61-90 Days: In phase three, clients will transition to our Outpatient Program. They will start to independently demonstrate what they have acquired in phases one and two, and spend more time outside of the treatment facility pursuing or engaging in work, school, and/or familial obligations.

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Accredited Treatment Facility


Real People, Real Experiences

If you are looking for a trusted treatment center I highly recommend Clean Treatment. A year ago, a family member of mine was struggling with addiction. After utilizing their program, he has remained clean and sober and I have noticed such a positive shift in him. Irene, is also super knowledgable and amazing at what she does. I cannot thank this company enough!

Emily A.

Serving Our Community

At Clean Treatment Center, we are committed to helping people break free from addiction and achieve their best life. Our top-tier facility and personalized approach have successfully aided countless individuals in attaining and maintaining sobriety. Visit us and experience why we are a trusted leader in addiction recovery.

We’re LegitScript certified!

LegitScript certification demonstrates that Clean Treatment Center
complies with LegitScript’s certification standards, which help ensure transparency and
compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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