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Personal Success Stories

It can be hard to trust a treatment center when you’re at your worst. That’s why we think it’s important you get to hear the true success stories our former patients have experienced. These people have been through the worst and have managed to recover with the assistance of our team of experts here at Clean Treatment Center. Let us do the same for you.

Clean Treatment Center changed my life. I am so grateful for the program. I come daily and I was able to establish new routines and stay clean and sober. Thank you Clean Treatment Center family for always being my sober system.

Oleg G.

Clean treatment center has done exactly what it said it would do; helped my patients get clean. I will be referring them here not only for help with addiction but for lifelong wellness with a holistic approach.

Stella V.

I found clean on Google, had
No idea what to expect when I called. They had me come in right away and set up a custom program just for me, all the staff actually care about recovery. Thank you for helping me stay clean & sober


If you are looking for a trusted treatment center I highly recommend Clean Treatment. A year ago, a family member of mine was struggling with addiction. After utilizing their program, he has remained clean and sober and I have noticed such a positive shift in him. Irene, is also super knowledgable and amazing at what she does. I cannot thank this company enough!

Emily Adele

I highly recommend Clean. Thank you clean for being there for me, and allowing me to get sober in a safe place. Tracy is an amazing counselor!

Alex D.

My husband has been struggling with addiction for over 10 years, he was a completely functioning addict. Things started getting hard for us and we knew he needed help ASAP. We reached out to Clean and they from the first call were super caring, nice, compassionate, and knew exactly what to do to help my family. My husband is now 5 months sober. Thank you Clean family. Highly recommend for people that are looking for a genuine, caring, compassionate treatment center with experienced staff.

Emma P.

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