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Treatment Designed for Professionals 

Clean Treatment Center is dedicated to catering to the unique needs of professionals, including attorneys, medical experts, government employees, and educators. We recognize the demanding schedules of these individuals, which is why we offer flexible treatment options, including nights and weekends, to ensure accessibility and convenience. Our primary objective is to facilitate a comprehensive recovery process that enables our clients to re-enter their professions as their most optimized selves. Rest assured, our services are conducted with the utmost discretion, guaranteeing complete confidentiality for all our clients.

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100% Confidential Help

Clean Treatment Center provides discreet assistance for high-functioning professionals, including lawyers, struggling with alcohol dependency, ensuring privacy and personalized support throughout the recovery journey.

Healthcare Professionals

We Specialize at getting you back to work

Clean Treatment Center offers a confidential and supportive environment for physicians and other professionals struggling with substance use disorders. Despite the isolating effects of addiction within high-status professions, our center provides a safe space for intervention and recovery, reducing the risk of unintended overdoses and self-harm.

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Government Employees

Night/Weekend Schedules Available  

At Clean Treatment Center, we understand the apprehension government employees may feel about seeking treatment due to concerns about job security and insurance use. Rest assured, you won't have to compromise between your career and well-being. Our top-tier addiction treatment is dedicated to restoring your vitality and health, empowering you to re-enter the workforce as an even more valuable asset.


Learn More About Our Program

Educators face a myriad of stressors, making them highly susceptible to burnout, as evidenced by recent studies linking stress levels to substance use disorder symptoms. Clean Treatment Center is equipped to provide crucial support and tailored treatment for educators in need.

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