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What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction, also known as alcohol dependence or alcoholism, is a condition where an individual is unable to regulate their alcohol consumption. This addiction can lead to alcohol taking precedence over other areas of life, including relationships, work, family, and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.

Although alcohol use is prevalent, not everyone who consumes alcohol develops an addiction. However, it remains the most commonly abused substance in the United States, with over 51% of adults being regular drinkers. Of these individuals, an estimated 16.3 million suffer from an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), comprising 8% of the American adult population.

The 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that approximately 10% of Americans aged 12 and above had an alcohol use disorder, highlighting the widespread nature of the problem.

Alcohol abuse has become a significant contributor to disease and death in the United States, with alcohol-induced liver disease accounting for one out of every three liver transplants in 2009.

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Alcohol has become deeply ingrained in our culture, permeating music, TV shows, movies, and even billboards. It is boldly advertised in restaurants, and stores sell cute little signs for you to bring into your homes. It is often used to celebrate good times and cope with bad days. However, this ubiquitous presence of alcohol can make recovery from alcohol addiction, now known as alcohol use disorder (AUD), seem like an uphill battle.

Fortunately, there is hope. A nearby detox and alcoholism treatment center can provide the necessary support and resources for successful recovery from AUD.


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